MDL 13000

One of the most interesting sorts of sturgeon caviar. Connoisseurs have long tried out this surprising delicacy. It possesses the memorable individual taste and a rich palette of aftertaste. Color varies from light gray to dark gray shades.


Attention!When producing caviar we use only salt and no other preservatives. Be attentive when choosing black caviar, study its contents, and keep to the storage conditions specified on the label and bon appétit!


Product Description

Contents: Caviar of sterlet, salt.

Details: Aquaculture product. Vacuum packed.
Nutrition value in 100 gr.: Protein – 21±1 g, fat – 16±2 g; food energy value: 224 kcal.
Shelf life: 8 months. Storage conditions: from minus 2 to minus 4 0C. Opened jar keep at temperature from 0 to +6 of 0C for no more than 48 h.